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FHA 203(K) Consulting

What Is A 203(K) Loan?

An FHA Rehabilitation mortgage is a government-backed renovation loan. The loan can be used to combine the renovation cost with purchase or refinance of a home. If you’re considering buying a fixer-upper or renovating your current home, this might be the loan for you

FHA 203(K) Consulting

What Does a FHA 203(K) Consultant Do?

A 203(K) consultant acts as a project manager for a 203(K) rehabilitation mortgage.  The consultant ensures that the paperwork is filled out correctly and submitted in a timely fashion.

As an approved FHA 203(K) consultant we

  • Conduct Inspections
  • Conduct a Feasibility Study
  • Review & Prepare Architectural Drawings
  • Prepare Work Write-Ups & Cost Estimates
  • Complete Draw Request
  • Prepare Change Order Request
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